Get Outa Dodge

Well, we avoided Dodge City all together. Mostly because it would dip us 3 hours further south of where we want to go in Colorado. So Jason suggested taking Route 24, which at first I complained because we’re supposed to be taking Route 50. But I quickly realized being rigid will induce boredom, and Truck Henge wasn’t far away in Topeka, Kansas. IMG_1656.JPG
So I thought we could check it out, take a few pictures, and head over to see The World’s Largest Ball of Twine.IMG_1657.JPG
Unfortunately I goofed and practically erased my photos, which I can recover later when we go home.
Fortunately I found this video that sums up our afternoon spent with Ron Lessman at Truck Henge (click here). I highly recommend stopping there if ever bored and passing through Kansas!!