Get Outa Dodge

Well, we avoided Dodge City all together. Mostly because it would dip us 3 hours further south of where we want to go in Colorado. So Jason suggested taking Route 24, which at first I complained because we’re supposed to be taking Route 50. But I quickly realized being rigid will induce boredom, and Truck Henge wasn’t far away in Topeka, Kansas. IMG_1656.JPG
So I thought we could check it out, take a few pictures, and head over to see The World’s Largest Ball of Twine.IMG_1657.JPG
Unfortunately I goofed and practically erased my photos, which I can recover later when we go home.
Fortunately I found this video that sums up our afternoon spent with Ron Lessman at Truck Henge (click here). I highly recommend stopping there if ever bored and passing through Kansas!!

St. Louis

We decided to make a pit stop in St. Louis and check out the Gateway Arch, which we could see from miles away upon approach.
But first… lunch. Pappy’s Smokehouse fit the bill. Although, their deep fried corn on the cob may be an aquired taste.

We tried to check out The City Museum of St. Louis, but they were doing some work to the facade and it was closed.

We got in anyway but were quickly, but politely turned away. It looks pretty interesting, and I think you can climb all over it inside and out. There were slides and climbing contraptions everywhere making the building look like a Mad Max set.


Next but not least, we had to go up in the Arch and take in the view. It’s 630 feet wide and 630 feet tall. Gulp… I get vertigo… as you can see in me clutching Jason as the James Bond-like pod clicked it’s way to the top.

Once up there I was fine. The view of the Mississippi River was on one side and St. Louis on the other.