Major’s Place route 50

Not long after crossing the border from Utah into Nevada on route 50 about 15 minutes before Ely is a road-side place called Major’s Place. It’s a bar and grill with decent burgers and fries and nice company. It seems like a hole in the wall, but a lot of people have passed through from all over the country. You can sign a dollar bill and they’ll let you staple them to the wall. I saw dollars from Germany and Australia even. The bar tender and owner, Don, said Jason and I have brains in our heads. ” I get people bicycling from Maine and some even walk across country dragging carts that weigh a ton! They always seem to stop here.” He told us he was originally from Cincinnati, so we had a nice conversation about 5 way chili. He said, “Oh man! You guys had Skyline chili! I sure miss that chili!” Unfortunately, Don’s about about to sell his place to a guy sitting at the end of the bar. He said he didn’t like the cold winter.


Skyline Chili

And off we go, south to Cincinnati to pick up Route 50 West. A friend told us to try the Skyline chili while there. I discovered it had become a chain and the original diner was no longer there. However, Skyline chili has become a type of Greek chili served on top of spaghetti or a hot dog. This is 5 way: spaghetti, chili, onion, beans, and cheese…
We decided to stop at Camp Washington Chili instead, which serves the 5 way Greek chili Cincinnati is known for. It hit the spot. It’s not as spicy as southern chili and has a hint of cinnamon. Speaking of southern, I had no idea Cincinnatians had southern accents. As we were having a seat at the bar where we could watch them make the chili concoctions, a burly waitress hollered back at the kitchen, “Watcha hangin round fer Andy? Is Crystal on break, or are ya waitin’ fer potentials ta show up?”
“Yep ‘n yep”
“Seems like some ‘o dem don’t need a job!”
“I feel the same way!”, another haggard waitress complained. 5 seconds later a teenaged girl ran through the door to clock in while the kitchen staff clucked and rolled their eyes. I scarfed down my 5 way while checking the map to see where to pick up Route 50.