On the Road

Major’s Place route 50

Not long after crossing the border from Utah into Nevada on route 50 about 15 minutes before Ely is a road-side place called Major’s Place. It’s a bar and grill with decent burgers and fries and nice company. It seems like a hole in the wall, but a lot of people have passed through from all over the country. You can sign a dollar bill and they’ll let you staple them to the wall. I saw dollars from Germany and Australia even. The bar tender and owner, Don, said Jason and I have brains in our heads. ” I get people bicycling from Maine and some even walk across country dragging carts that weigh a ton! They always seem to stop here.” He told us he was originally from Cincinnati, so we had a nice conversation about 5 way chili. He said, “Oh man! You guys had Skyline chili! I sure miss that chili!” Unfortunately, Don’s about about to sell his place to a guy sitting at the end of the bar. He said he didn’t like the cold winter.


Autumn in The Rocky Mountains

I don’t really have much to say about the Rockies other than they are as beautiful as people say. I definitely recommend visiting in mid-late September when all the birch trees are turning yellow.IMG_1762.JPG
All the kids are back to school so the summer vacationers are gone and the ski season is a couple of months away. So lodging is slightly cheaper. We ended up staying a night at a hot spring resort to ease our weary bones. IMG_1744-2.JPG
I didn’t think I’d get altitude sickness, but both Jason and I woke up feeling hung over. I definitely felt as if I had just run a mile when all I did was walk up some stairs to get a few shots at The Continental Divide.

IMG_1715-0.JPG Now it’s onward to the Moab Desert, but with a lot of beautiful scenery along Route 50 to keep us company.